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What are Mascara Boxes?

Mascara is an indispensable cosmetic product that is utilized for thickening and growing eyelashes. They enhance and darken the eyelashes bringing all the attention to them. Mascara has a rich history and in earlier Egyptian times Kohl was used as mascara to give definition to eyelashes, eyebrows, and eyelids. There are numerous brands that are making mascaras in different forms and wand types. For successful sales and marketing, the use of appropriate packaging has become mandatory.

Mascara In A Box is an ideal packaging concept for mascara. We supply you with the most suitable Packaging Boxes for mascaras. These boxes will create a difference in your life in terms of advertisement. Exclusive Custom Mascara Boxes for your brand are winning the hearts of the audience. By the use of a Customized Box your brand can take a highlighted spot in the market.

Get Perfect Deals on Custom Mascara Boxes

Mascara Box with custom printing is offered for each brand. Hi-tech printing features are offered with professional print support. There are no supplemental charges for print designing. The boxes are made in lively vibrant colors blended with pastels. We offer prominence features like embossing, debossing for attention seekers. Text on the box t be printed includes manufacturing details and instructions in various font colors and styles. Graphical images and patterns are sequenced fascinatingly on the box by the experts.

The finishing of the Mascara Packaging can be chosen by the client himself from matte to glossy. AQ coating guarantees you a smudge-free printing while spot UV treatment gives your box texture. Foiling in gold and silver are offered for extravagant articles. Cosmetic Packaging Boxes are offered at modest rates. We offer noticeable deals that help struggling brands earn more profit. The turnover of packaging and brands go hand in hand. Wholesale discounts are a bonus for companies in conservating time and enhancing their profit margin on each box.

Custom Mascara Boxes in Sturdy Material

Custom Mascara Boxes are made from top-quality Packaging Material. Boxes are crafted from sturdy material that withstands extreme external conditions. Mascaras are packed safely free from moisture and impurities for a long duration. Standardized quality is maintained for all kinds of Cosmetic Packaging such as Custom Eyeshadow Boxes, Custom Eyeliner Boxes, Custom Makeup Boxes, and all kinds of Cosmetic Boxes at Rush Packaging.

Custom Mascara Boxes Wholesale in Versatile Range

Mascara Box Packaging can be made in remarkable box styles. A box can be of the clamshell, drawer, front tuck double-layered, reverse tuck, auto-bottom, or lavishly designed lid and base type. These boxes are made in customized sizes and shapes. For more than one mascaras to be packed in a box inserts are used. The appearance of the box can be changed.

Cosmetic Boxes can be altered by the client. Cello transparent PVC lined box enables the audience to drool over the Mascara Bottle. Handles can give the box a trendy feel with easy carrying. We help in making the box look more presentable by attaching accessories and ribbons to the box. We use stones, pearls, or sequins to attract teenagers.

Custom Mascara Box Packaging with free shipping

Mascara Packaging is shipped to you anywhere in the world. You do not have to repay separately for transportation. Each consignment can be trailed anytime through the assigned tracking ID. Cosmetic Packaging reaches you within 4-8 working days. Our fastest turnaround services enable you to get the boxes in their best form. Cosmetic Boxes are safely delivered to the client which saves him the money and energy spent on the tedious task of shipment.

Why choose Rush Packaging?

Mascara Boxes are made from safe and eco-friendly material. Kraft, corrugated material, cardboard, or boxboard are used. The organic boxes do not participate at all in depleting the ozone layer. We provide you with user-friendly boxes that can be thrown away promptly. They aid in the sustainability of the ecosystem by being converted into loam. Bio-degradation is the process done by biologically active micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi. With advanced digital and web development we have created our informative website.

You can get the quotation about your Cosmetic Packaging for your specifications by visiting our website. We update our website and all kind of data is uploaded there so you can know the features while being at home. If some of your questions are unanswered you can feel free to contact our customer support. The customer representative team is working day and night efficiently to make your experience flawless. Incredible services are offered at Rush Packaging.


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