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Custom Hair Extension Boxes Wholesale

Gone are the days when girls had to worry about the length and volume of their hair. Hair extensions are used to, as the name suggests, extend the length of the hair and they give volume to your hair also. Concepts of artificial hair wigs are very old but the idea has been revolutionized to more natural and feasible hair extensions. In experimental time hair extensions were only available in the hair salons or were handled by professionals.

With time easier handle types of hair extensions were introduced leading to the increased demand and manufacturing of the hair extensions. Packaging Of Hair Extensions was another tedious task. Plastic shrink Hair Bags and sheets were inadequate as they would damage the hair and get them tangled during transportation. Rush Packaging has solved the problem of Hair Extension Presentation and display by providing the perfect Hair Packaging which assure the safe delivery of hair extensions to the customers.

Hair Extension Packaging Protect Your Product

The Hair Boxes, we provide are made according to the sensitivity of the product being packaged. The boxes are made from robust material that is resistant to extreme weather and climatic changes. Boxes are made from strong material that does not get crushed or crumbled underweight and allows protection to the hair being packaged. Moisture-resistant boxes keep the hair extensions dry or otherwise, they would lose their texture and be secured from all kinds of dirt and impurities. Hair Bundle Packaging is a reliable source for delivering hair extensions to customers and is being adopted by most companies.

Attractive designs of Hair Extension Boxes for Customers

We construct Hair Extension Boxes in diverse styles and can be opted for by the client himself. We make Hair Extension Packaging in clamshell, sleeve type or lid, and the base type most commonly. These Cosmetic Packaging can be modified by the client in terms of design. Boxes can have die-cut windows on them in different shapes and sizes lined with PVC. Accessories can be attached to the box to allure the audience by stone embellishment, pearls, sequins, or stickers. For easy carrying and improved outlook, handles can be attached to the Cosmetic Boxes. Ribbons can be used for making the box more presentable.

Discounts offer on Custom Hair Bags

Hair Bundle Packaging is printed in various styles and colors by mono-color printing, PMS, or CMYK. Vibrant and playful boxes full of hues are accompanied by paintings, images, or drawings. Some like the abstract or geometric patterns on the box. Text is aligned with the visual representation in a precise form explaining how to use the product and some manufacturing details. Hair Packaging Boxes do not get faded as the printing is secured by AQ coating and texture to the box is given by spot UV treatment. We offer gold and silver foiling with all other enhancing features like embossing or debossing.

Printed Boxes reading the logo of the brand works efficiently in marketing and are seen to be improving the sales by their mesmerizing outlook. Boxes can be created in various feels by changing the lamination sheet into a matte, shiny or glittery box. Affordable Boxes are supplied to the audience with discounts and deals to enable each brand to display its product in amazing Custom Boxes. These Cosmetic Boxes such as Custom Hairspray Boxes, Custom Makeup Boxes, Custom Eyeliner Boxes, and all kinds of Cosmetic Boxes if bought wholesale can be obtained at a further reduced price to benefit the brand with conservation of time and money.

Choose Rush Packaging to buy Hair Bags Boxes

Packaging For Hair Extensions is made from eco-friendly materials that do not participate in depleting the ozone or harming the environment. Boxes we manufacture are simplified by bio-degradation by the action of bacteria and other micro-organisms. Boxes are highly foldable and after use can be thrown away for being recycled. Boxes are later on converted into loam replenishing the nutrients of the earth.

Cosmetic Boxes are delivered to you reliably under our free shipping policy that allows the company to be burden-free from the worrisome delivery task. We let the client enjoy the best of services and can coordinate with the company through the customer representative team. The networking team helps to establish a link and lets the print support communicate with the client. A custom template is provided for approval. We are working day and night to make your experience at Rush Packaging smoother.


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