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Hair Box Packaging Wholesale customization

Hair extensions were used by professionals only and were really expensive. But with the increased appreciation their demand was rising and was made common. Hair extensions now can be bought from many hair studios or salons. The quality of hair extensions and styling options are increasing. Natural hair extensions give you volume and length that can be styled in amazing ways for different events. Earlier the packaging options were also limited just like the hair extensions themselves. These days audience demands competent Packaging Boxes for each product.

Packaging companies have given the best packaging option for the safe delivery of hair extensions without being tangled or dirty while transportation. Hair Packaging is being adopted by all the hair extension manufacturers and suppliers for the evident spike in sales. The sophistication of the Hair Extensions Packaging Box is admired by the audience for its durability and chic presentation. These boxes are individualized for each brand or company for making a revolutionary change in the market.

What Variety of Custom Boxes is Most suitable for Custom Hair Packaging?

Hair Extension Boxes need to have the capability to withstand the adverse effects of temperature and weather. Nobody likes their boxes to be crushed or crumbled at corners. Distorted boxes leave a bad impression on the customer of the company. We help you improve your sales with the best quality boxes that can withstand weight and pressure. Hair Packaging Boxes do not let the entry of dirt and impurity which is one of the biggest factors. They keep the hair dry as they are moisture resistant.

Hair Extension Packaging Boxes with unique designing

Custom Hair Packaging can be made in customized size in specific measurements given by the client. We help you make your own box by being able to make any kind of alteration to the box. Box style can be chosen by the client from the sleeve, front tuck double-layered, lid and base, and many others. Box designing plays a vital role in advertisement and we let you have a highlighted spot in the market.

Cosmetic Packaging can be made with various accessories being attached to the box, keeping in mind the target audience. The use of pearls, stones, stickers, or sequins makes the girls attracted to the box a little more. Handles can be attached for convenient carrying and enhancing the beauty of the box. A die-cut window can be made with PVC lining or many windows can be created in various shapes for the customer to see the shade of hair from within the box.

Discounted Custom Hair Packaging Boxes

Hair Extension Packaging Boxes can be printed according to your thoughts and ideas in a unique way. We help you communicate with the manufacturer and before finalizing we get approval from the client by providing a custom template. No additional charges are applied for print support. Printing on the box can be done on all sides in unique colors or can be kept simpler by one solid color base through mono-color printing, PMS, or CMYK. We print text on the box for describing the details of the product for the convenience of the client. AQ coating does not let the printing fade away even when boxes are stored for longer periods of time.

Targeted spot UV treatment cures the print for the creation of texture on the box. Finishing lamination can be done by the matte, shiny or glittery sheet. Cosmetic Boxes having alluring images on them temp the audience to believe that the product is as promising as the box is. We help you win the hearts of the client through Graceful Boxes such as Custom Hairspray Boxes, Custom Eyeliner Boxes, Custom Eyeshadow Boxes, and all kinds of Cosmetic Boxes made by Rush Packaging. For exclusive products, gold and silver foiling is also available to brag the expensiveness.

Why choose Custom Hair Extension Boxes?

We offer free shipping of Custom Hair Packaging Boxes with reliable delivery anywhere in the world. We provide services that enable a brand to save their maximum resources including money and time. Boxes are shipped flat which reaches you in 4-8 working days and can be easily assembled. Cosmetic Boxes are designed in versatile patterns and an online quotation website can be visited. Our informative website is regularly updated. Any inquiry or request can be made through the efficient customer representative team. The networking team keeps up with your demand and makes your experience at Rush Packaging smoother.


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